Jeff Kauffman is a photographic artist working in Austin, Texas. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania during a time when people communicated using rotary telephones. After earning a computer science degree from Penn State University, Jeff moved to Washington DC -- and later to Austin TX – to build a career in software engineering. His photography interests began at Washington School of Photography and continued with Santa Fe Workshops. He has been developing his photography while also working full time in technology consulting.
Jeff ‘s photography shows an interpretive view of his subjects, presenting lines, structure, character, and sometimes weirdness, in compelling compositions. His work has appeared world-wide in publications, art festivals, and commercial venues.
Jeff now uses a smartphone.
At the core of each of my works is a visual drama, perhaps a suspension of time and energy, an unusual arrangement of lines and curves, or a portrayal of a compelling character. To me, everything is interesting; everything inspires a story. What happened here? What will happen next? What am I looking at? How does this make me feel? I imagine those questions when I’m creating photographs.
I hope my work will inspire viewers to imagine their own stories.
(1+) 512-850-5525
Jeff Kauffman Photography
9600 Escarpment Blvd Ste 745 #76
Austin, TX 78749 USA

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