Fine Art Photography Projects
Fine Art Photography is aimed more towards decor, galleries, and formal art collections. The topics range from landscapes and nature to concepts and abstract expressions. Models are sometimes employed to participate in the image. The eventual exhibition venues are unknown at the time of creation. Models’ compensation will be negotiated. These projects are great for people open to artistic collaboration. Models must be over age 18. A Model Release for art, editorial, and commercial use will be required.
Stock Photography Projects
Models, both male and female, are needed for ongoing Stock Photography projects. Stock Photography is photography produced for the sole purpose of publication in print and electronic media. Stock images are used in ads and promotions to help sell products and services, and are also used to illustrate concepts in books and magazines. Topics vary. At the time of the photo shoot, I rarely know where or when stock photos will be published. If modeling for stock photography interests you, please send me an introductory contact email with your resume and tearsheets to be kept on file. You must be over 18 and have experience modeling for publication. Model compensation is negotiable. A Model Release for art, editorial, and commercial use will be required.
SHOWable Art Magazine launched in mid-2021. The online magazine presents picture stories portraying artful concepts, places, and experiences. From photography to design, painting, and sculpture, the stories represent a broad collection of artistic styles and media. Put simply, SHOWable Art is art that needs to be seen. Submissions are open.
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